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Awakening to spirit or spiritual awakening is a term to describe a subjective experience in which a person’s ego transcends (to go further than the usual limits of something) their ordinary, finite sense of self to enclose a wider, infinite sense of truth or reality. These deeply embodied, noetic (relating to mental activity or the intellect. experiences are often perceived as a direct connection, communion, or nondual merging with an unlimited and universal consciousness, the divine or “God” in perceived oneness.

Awakening to spirit what it can be?

Awakened people, names like Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, and Jesus come to mind. Or Swami Vivekananda , Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela. These inspiring figures can lead you to believe that being awakened is similar to being perfect. If so, try to think of more relatable examples of individuals who are awake. It helps to see examples of people who are simultaneously flawed but striving to live a good life with a focus on the greater good.

So now that you have a few examples of awakened people, let’s focus on how you can tell whether or not you are having an awakening to spirit.

Awakening To Spirit


A Sense of Relationship

You find yourself taking interest in your community. This can include volunteering at your local school or making a hygienic society or making them aware towards the responsibilities which they towards society.
You try on the perspective of someone whom you have previously seen as different. Perhaps, you start asking why they wear a burka, bindi or have tattoos rather than judging them.
You have a heightened awareness of the creatures you share the planet with. You might decide to stop eating meat or you might catch yourself trapping rat and spiders rather than killing them.
You have a connection to the planet. This may come as a realization that littering, using plastics, or wasting food is no longer an acceptable personal practice for you.

Observing Your Behaviour

One of the first signs of awakening is realizing. You may be going through life on without giving much thought to who you are, what you want, and why you are here. Having these questions is like turning on a light in a previously dark room. If you are aware that you are witnessing how you do life, you may be asking yourself:

  • Do I really need to eat so much?
  • Why am I always comparing myself with others?
  • Why can’t I get out of bed when its morning?
  • Do I really need non-veg in my diet?
  • Why do I attract to so much drama?
  • Why do I get angry so often?

The first step in growth is always the awareness of the present moment followed by an impulse to change something.
Whether you are aware of it or not, you have attachments to the things you interact with and the people you meet. Attachments are how you define yourself. You may define yourself by the car you drive, the shoes you wear, what you eat, who you spend time with, who you vote for, what you read, and how you spend your money.

Letting Go Your Attachments and likings

Think about your true self as your life. Over the years, you take on beliefs or descriptions about yourself based on what your parents, your friends, the media, and even science tells you.

Look at each belief as a veil(a piece of thin material for covering the head and face of a woman).
Every layer is another bit of fabric. Once you become aware of the veil, it becomes transparent. Still it will be there but you can see right through it.

  1. I’m a yogi.
  2. I’m a smart person.
  3. I’m always a late person.
  4. I’m a cat lover person.
  5. I’m a popular person.
  6. I’m a vegan person.

Think of inner peace as being unflappable. It doesn’t mean that things don’t go wrong in your life, it just means that when things do go badly, you aren’t on an emotional roller coaster of anger, frustration, or despair.

When You Find Your Inner Peace

The Dalai Lama describes

Inner peace like stubbing his toe—he still experiences an emotional charge, but it is fleeting. Inner peace is like a magnifier of positive emotions and a wet blanket over negative ones.

Increasing Your Intuition

Have you ever thought of your pet running towards after you reached home? Have you ever heard your phone ring and known it was your mother before looking? Have you ever felt an immediate and irrational dislike for someone or experienced the feeling when first meeting someone that you already know them?

These are all signs of intuition. If thoughts, objects, and individuals all have energy, spiritually awoken human beings seem more connect with this energy on a regular basis and can see the awakening to spirit.

Face Your Fear By Awakening To Spirit

In our daily life we deal with many type of fears some maybe about exams, relationship, jobs and some can be about death or life, and all of us really hate this but fact is we really even don’t want to face these fear and we live with these and as a result its stops our growth factors.

It is scientifically proven that who faces their fear are more confident and able than the others.

Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it." 
--Judy Blume

Knowing The Compassion

An action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner Compassion is an action that is inspired by your empathy. It literally means “to suffer with.” People who are in the process of a spiritual awakening begin to notice both a more all-encompassing empathy and a more action-oriented compassion that feels normal, natural, and fulfilling.

One area of compassion that is often forgotten is self-compassion. self-compassion is composed of three main components:

A sense of common humanity
If you are experiencing the above components, you are on the path of spiritual awakening.

Increasing Authenticity

Many awakened people are influencers, they don’t do it to just have followers. People like Jay Shetty and Eckhart Tolle have massive followings because of how they show up in this world, not because they know a magical Instagram algorithm. The act of being themselves is one of their most appealing traits. With the recognition that it is not their job to please others, to avoid stating unpopular opinions, or to tread gently around the way others choose to feel comes an energy that is attractive and feels secure to be around.
Awakened people have a level of well-being that seems to be more consistent. You know that there is a mind-body connection, which translates to people who are happier are also healthier.

To Be As Optimistic as Rohit Kumar is-

As the author of this blog, I feel the responsibility towards you that whatever I have achieved through spiritual awakening I should let you know that, and the process of being spiritually awake comes through some specific habits and practices, and for that reason below is a video of mine where I have shared all the practices that helps me to be an optimistic with spiritual awakening see the video on my channel aurjaniye with rd

Awakening to spirit

Thank you very much everyone to read my insight of Awakening to spirit. FROM SPIRITUALLITE

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